• Good durablitity & low odour
  • Easy to clean with good scrub-ability
  • Good obliteration & excellent spreadability.
  • Dries to a low sheen finish
  • Water beading effect
  • 8 year Quality Guarantee (Refer to T&C's at www.plascon.co.za)
  • For both interior & exterior surfaces
  • Suitable for application to suitably primed new cement plaster, concrete, porous brickwork & various types of building boards.
  • May also be applied to suitably primed wood, metals, fibre - cement & gypsum plaster

Buy EasyLiving Multi Surface Sheen
Pastel Colour 5L from Paintec Today

EasyLiving Multi Surface Sheen
Pastel Colour 5L

R 429.00 INCL VAT

Plascon Easy Living Multi Surface Sheen is a quality washable & durable acrylic suitable for both interior & exterior surfaces.

Pastel colours, thousands of options are available. Any colour that is a pastel tone essentially.

Pastel colours are tinted from a pastel tint base, which means we put a minimal amount of colourant into each drum. If you are looking for brighter or darker colours, the colourant cost can sometimes cost more than the paint itself due to the volume required.

Please request a quote via info@paintec.co.za for brighter or darker colours.

Appearance: Sheen
Application: Interior and Exterior
Spread Rate: 10 sqm per Litre
Guarantee: 8 Year Guarantee
Pack Size: 5 ℓ
Colours: White and the standard colours as per colour card. Also available in a wide range of Plascon Inspired Colours.
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